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Our Reputation

We are very proud of the fact that one of our most valuable assets is the reputation that we have developed over the many years that we have been in this industry. Our business is built on the knowledge that it takes a long time to get a good reputation and a short time to lose it.

Below are a few of the testimonials from our clients and industry professionals:


"Halter Financial Group assisted DXP Enterprises in becoming a public company in 1996. Our selection of the Halter Group was based on several third party recommendations that Mr. Halter was an expert in taking companies public and that he was honest and dependable. The process that he used was a reverse merger through a public shell. Mr. Halter not only did exactly what he said he would do, but also when there seemed to be a disagreement on how to proceed, he always provided an acceptable solution even if it was at his own expense. Our final step was to obtain our listing on the Nasdaq Exchange and Mr. Halter was very instrumental in making this successful. I believe that Mr. Halter's reputation and our complete satisfaction was more important to him than anything else. Mr. Halter is successful and will bring success to those that utilize his services."

David R. Little
Chairman and CEO
DXP Enteprises

"It is my opinion that Mr. Tim Halter is not only one of the most knowledgeable experts in the reverse merger industry as well as the U.S. stock market, but one of the most honorable. If you want to work with an honest, trustworthy and reputable firm then I would highly recommend HFG.

Should anyone require additional information, feel free to contact me via phone (800-433-3201) or via my email address (rcmorgan@leatherfactory.com)."

Ronald C. Morgan
President and Chief Operating Officer
Tandy Leather Factory, Inc.
(Amex: TLF)

"We here at Segmentz could not recommend a company or person more highly than Halter Financial and Tim Halter. In 2001 we completed a reverse merger with a shell supplied by them and have found HFG to be the best shareholder we have had. They supported our efforts introduced us to many people and held our stock through the years and continues to be a shareholder of record. Their integrity and honesty will always be something I respect and appreciate. It is rare you do business with someone who has the qualities Tim has showed us and we owe a portion of our success to their support".

Allan Marshall
Segmentz, Inc.
(Amex: SZI)

"Tim Halter and his team are exceptional. When we were looking to do a reverse merger, HFG guided us through the entire process and continue to be an asset to our company. I would recommend HFG to anyone due to their professionalism and integrity."

Jason Wadzinski
Advant-e Corporation

Industry Professionals

"I and associates at my firm have been doing business with Tim Halter and HFG since approximately 1990. The reason we have done and will continue to do so is clearly the knowledge, integrity and work ethic displayed in any dealings with him and his firm. Based on our experiences I would recommend HFG to anyone requiring work or counsel in their area of expertise"

Bill Mello
President, JP Turner & Company, LLC (NASD Member Firm) and Board of Directors of the National Investment Banking Association

"I've been in the brokerage business over 40 years, and during this time I have had a chance to be involved in business with hundreds of brokerage firms and individual brokers. I've known Halter Financial and Tim Halter for several years, and they are in the top percentage in their honesty, hard working attitude, and above all people you want to do business with."

Bob Rader
Senior Vice President
Capital West Securities, Inc.
Member NASD Firm

"The Halter Financial Group has one of the best reputations in the United States as an expert with respect to reverse merger transactions. HFG is very knowledgeable about U.S. securities markets and, particularly how these markets work in the context of a private company that has gone public via a reverse merger transaction. In addition it has been our experience that HFG devotes special personal attention to its clients, which is very important in working with a client in a very complicated transaction such as the reverse merger. Mr. Halter's honesty and forthrightness are above reproach, and I highly recommend Halter Financial Group for your consideration."

Mark D. Wigder
Gray Reed & McGraw, P.C.

"I have known Tim Halter over ten years. During that time I have worked with Halter Financial Group on numerous reverse merger transactions. I have also been privileged to participate with Tim in his Reverse Merger Seminar for the past 7 years. I have a great deal of respect for Tim's knowledge of the reverse merger transaction, his integrity in dealing with his clients and other professionals on his team, and I consider him to be the leading authority on the topic of reverse mergers. I would highly recommend HFG to any enterprise considering going public using a public shell company."

Laurence D. King, CPA, CPE
Managing Partner


Why Choose HFG?

Strong Track Record

HFG Transactions*
Tue, 20 Feb 2018 05:21:40 GMT
Symbol Last Change Volume
ALN 0.29 -12.12 % 108295
ATHX 1.81 -1.63 % 535607
CAAS 5.0824 +0.64 % 21378
CBAK 1.95 +8.33 % 90978
CBPO 76.98 -0.94 % 177763
CHGS 0.1901 -13.59 % 20100
CPHI 0.1658 +1.04 % 41095
DXPE 30.86 -3.77 % 48240
GRH 1.28 +1.59 % 29677
KMG 55.64 +0.93 % 141868
PGJ 43.06 +0.80 % 25274
SUTR 2.05 +19.19 % 1469297
TLF 7.792 -0.74 % 9877

*Note: Representative Transactions (partial list)

Deal Direct
We maintain a large inventory of public shells that we control as principals. As we do not act as intermediaries our transactions are conducted on a principal to principal basis.

Most Knowledgeable
We have conducted and participated in seminars on the reverse merger process. We have instructed hundreds of attorneys, CPAs and professionals about the process.

Capital Raising
We have relationships with independent investment banking firms that provide capital for certain APO transactions.

Turnkey Solution
We have the people and experience to handle every aspect of the reverse merger process so you can stay focused on your business.


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